The Doctoral Study Programme in Baltistics

The study programme offers students high-quality knowledge and competences as well as an interdisciplinary point of view in the field of Baltistics study in the humanities and social sciences; the programme trains young scientists to be professional and competitive in the interdisciplinary studies of Baltistics. The new doctors will have the possibility to search for new solutions for preservation of originality of the Baltic cultural space, becoming leaders and experts, developing comprehension of the common identity of this region and providing cultural dialogue and cooperation in science and education between Latvia and Lithuania.

Qualification to be obtained: doctor's degree in philology (Dr. philol.).

Duration of studies: 3 years (full-time studies), 4 years (part-time studies).

Previous education: Master's degree in the humanities or social sciences.

Contents of the study programme:

• Modern literature theories: cognitive poetics,

• The topical questions in the Baltic history and culture,

• Methods of literary theory and folklore studies,

• Introduction to computer linguistics,

• Cognitive linguistics,

• Modern trends and methods in linguistics,

• Methodology of the humanities and social sciences,

• The Baltic history of ideas and philosophical thought.

Study languages: English, Latvian, Lithuanian.

Academic staff: Prof. Dr. phil. habil. N. Nau (Poznan, Poland), Assoc. Prof. Dr. philol. I. Šuplinska, Assoc. Prof. Dr. philol. A. Juško-Štekele and Assoc. Prof. Dr. philol. S. Lazdiņa (Rēzekne, Latvia), Assoc. Prof. Dr. philol. A. Utka, Assoc. Prof. Dr. philol. I. Žakevičienė and Dr. philol. L. Boizou (Kaunas, Lithuania), Dr. phil. S. Krūmiņa-Koņkova and Dr. hist. I. Runce (Riga, Latvia).

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